Dominos Driver Delivers Bullets To Armed Robber In Jacksonville

A Dominos Pizza delivery driver is likely out of a job for doing something the company reviles Saturday night: he defended himself against two armed robbers with his own gun.

Police say a Domino’s delivery driver was delivering  pizzas near Timothys Landing off 103rd street when  he was approached by two armed man, demanding money.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said the deliveryman grabbed his own gun and shot one of the suspects.

Action News Jax spoke with crime and safety expert Ken Jefferson to see if the shooting is justified.

“This is a clear case of self-defense this person was working and was approached by two armed men,” said Ken Jefferson.

Jefferson says as long as the pizza deliveryman had a permit for that gun he used, he was in his rights to carry that weapon.

“He protected himself with the weapon he had,” said Jefferson.

Jefferson says if the suspect who was shot, happens to die from his injuries, the second suspect could be charged with murder, even if he wasn’t the one who pulled the trigger.

Traveling alone, carrying small amounts of cash (but enough for drugs), and easy to summon with a simple phone call, delivery drivers are a frequent target of criminals, which is what makes Dominos corporate policy of disarming their drivers so repulsive.

As a general rule, delivery drivers who have to use their guns in self-defense are terminated for daring to violate the company’s “no guns” policy, but there have been rare instances where the public outcry has been great enough that the company kept the employee on—at least for a while—to avoid a public relations firearms.

It remains to be seen whether this unnamed driver will keep his job, but I suspect he’s simply more happy that he got out of this incident with the most important thing… his life.