Suspect Shot Dead 20 Minutes Into Stabbing Spree At UC-Merced

Five unarmed students were stabbed at the University of California-Merced this morning by another student before that attacking student was in turn shot and killed by police.

Five people were stabbed this morning on the campus of UC Merced.  It happened around 8:00 am in front of the Classroom and Office Building.
Two victims were transported to a local hospital by helicopter.  The three others were treated at the on campus.  All victims were conscious.  UC Merced first reported all victims were students.  They’ve since updated the information saying, “Not all five victims are students.”
The suspect was shot by police and later died from his injuries, according to the UC Merced Police Department. The Merced County Sheriff has confirmed the suspect was male and a student.
The campus was placed on lock-down after the attack.

It’s almost like the aggressor in this scenario did not care that assault with a deadly weapon or attempted murder were felony crimes.

Perhaps the campus failed to have “knife-free school zone” signs? Yeah… maybe that was the issue.



There is, I suppose, the distinct possibility that someone who is so angry and irrational that they decided to go in a mass stabbing spree really doesn’t care much about the law or the lives of other people.

It could be that someone in that feral and hyper-aggressive state of mind is going to keep attacking until he either runs out of victims within range, or he’s overpowered and disarmed, or someone with a weapon with some sort of standoff distance is able to affect a change upon his behavior through the carefully considered and measured use of ballistic science… TWENTY MINUTES after his attack began.

Campus carry just keeps looking more rational and level-headed with every incident, doesn’t it?

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