Dramatic Video Shows Shootout Between Police and Terrorists In Paris

This brief minute-long video shows part of the law enforcement response to the three-man terrorist attack on the Bataclan concert hall in Paris, which was the most single most deadly attack of the six assaults carried out by eight jihadis in Paris.


You’ll note the police bunching up and seeking “cover” behind a glass-walled building, and then (wisely) retreating once one of the Muslim terrorists opens up on them with an AKM. If the terrorists had be better trained and had positioned men to guard this flank as they carried out their attack, we’d be looking at a number of dead or injured police officers here. These officers are very brave (particularly the officer with either a shotgun or gas launcher), but clearly lack training/order/plan on how to respond.

Officers finally stormed the Bataclan three hours after the attack began. The three terrorists died when they detonated suicide belts. At least 87 people died inside.

Survivors describe three young terrorist calmly murdering and reloading as they walked among the crowd.

I have to wonder if a concealed carrier might have given the terrorists a bit of trouble, and perhaps given more people a chance to survive the carnage.

Unfortunately, the natural human right to bear arms for self-defense is not recognized in most of the world, and concealed carry inside the Bataclan by concert-goers was a legal impossibility.

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