Assault Rifles, Other Weapons Stolen From Army Reserve Armory In Massachusetts

The media is already attempting to re-write the story of an Army Reserve armory break-in in Massachusetts in which selective-fire weapons and possibly heavier armament were stolen.


The FBI confirms tonight “some weapons” are missing after a burglary at the Lincoln W. Stoddard U.S. Army Reserve Center in Worcester last night, but the agency insisted there is “no indication” of terrorism.

“The FBI is aware that some weapons are missing as a result of the break in at the Army Reserve Center in Worcester, Massachusetts. We have entered those weapons into NCIC, a national database, and alerted our federal, state and local law enforcement partners,” said Kristen Setera, spokeswoman for Boston Special Agent-in-Charge Harold H. Shaw.

“We are collaborating with Massachusetts State Police, Worcester Police and others to locate and recover these weapons immediately,” Setera said. “There is no indication that these missing weapons are connected to any kind of terrorism threat whatsoever. Nevertheless, every effort will be made to recover these weapons immediately.”

This Boston Herald article and accompanying CBS Boston video are rewriting key details of the original story.

Originally, it was stated that ten pistols and six M4s—the standard, selective-fire carbine used by the U.S. military—were taken in the armory raid, along with a number of “long guns.” This intentionally murky invocation of “long guns” suggests heavier weaponry, either in the form of sniper rifles or perhaps even heavier weapons.


What kind of weapons?

An Indiana reservist commenting on the break-in gives us an idea of the kind of weaponry you’d expect to find in an Army Reserve armory:

This is really bad! The amount of trouble it took to get in and steal weapons must have been worth it to someone. My reserve center in Indiana had a huge armored gun room with 2foot steel walls and tempered steel locks and tumblers. We had M-9s, M-16s, M203s, M-60s, M-249s and some old M-79s and probably some things that I never saw. Most Americans can buy long guns and handguns legally even in Massachusetts. If they want M-16/M-4, etc. It would have been easier to buy them as semi-autos through an out of state stray man purchase. So who would want full-auto military weapons and would not worry about selling them or transporting them and would not care about the police/law enforcement scrutiny? The only answer I can think of would be drug cartels and Terrorists. Drug cartels would need to travel all the way to Massachusetts or to transport the guns back to Mexico or central America. So the only people that I can think of who would need military grade, full-auto firearms within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are a terrorist cell. We will find these guns very soon. I just hope it is not after a mall attack or stadium attack.


The Massachusetts media is walking back the original story of missing M4s and “long guns” to insist that the armory robbery only yielded handguns “semi-automatic rifles,” which the Army does have, but in relatively limited amounts.

Pardon me if I sound a bit skeptical, but it sounds to me like they lost more than they want to admit, and they’re trying to keep the public from panicking in the wake of the Paris Islamist attacks.


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