Concealed Carrier In Tulsa Shoots Armed Robber, Enjoys A Whopper

An armed robber in Tulsa didn’t have it his way when he targeted a customer at his local Burger King.

Tulsa police say a man leaving a Burger King was forced to shoot another man who approached him with a crowbar in a robbery attempt.

It took place at 41st and Memorial on Sunday before 5:30 p.m.

According to police, the man is licensed to carry a concealed weapon and was acting in self-defense.

He shot the attempted robber in the right shoulder, TPD says.


It’s of moderate interest that the concealed carrier knew precisely where he shot his attacker, as it is often difficult to see your hits on a human moving target. There aren’t generally geysers of blood from entrance wounds like you see in the movies and on television. We’re going to guess that the injured robber must have grabbed his shoulder as he ran off, cluing in the concealed carrier as to where his bullet struck.

In any event, we can be thankful that the bad guy failed in his attempt, and that the concealed carrier survived the violent attack without any injury himself.

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