Americans Are Voting On Gun Control With Their Wallets


Buying a firearm doesn’t make you any more protected than buying a piano makes you a musician. Get professional training and practice, practice, practice.

Once again, anti-gun Democrats are shrieking for more laws stripping American citizens of their basic human right to armed self-defense, and American citizens are responding to those calls by buying every gun in sight:

CBS News has found that the shooting last Wednesday is sending many in San Bernardino to the gun store.

At a gun shop less than two miles from the scene of the massacre, more than two dozen people were lined up outside when it opened on Tuesday morning.

It’s a similar story at the gun range where Farook did some target practice two days before he killed 14 coworkers.

Business at the range is up 60 percent since the attack.

Desiree Pagliuso is a single mother of three. She didn’t have a gun in the house before, but after the shooting, she does.

“The reason it’s changed now is because it’s in our neighborhood,” she said. “I’ve had you know multiple conversations with women that have never even shot guns that are looking into buying guns to be able to protect themselves.”

The right to bear arms for self-defense is the most basic of all human rights; without your life, no other rights matter.

Get armed.

Get trained.

Defend yourself and those whom you love.

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