CBS Station Claims Concealed Carry To Be Eliminated In West Virginia

Someone at CBS 59 is getting into the the meth again:

Gun owners respond to hearing of elimination of concealed carry in West Virginia

With great power comes great responsibility. The topic of eliminating concealed carry in West Virginia is picking up steam. In March, Governor Earl Ray Tomblin vetoed a measure to make concealed carry permits optional.
He considered safety concerns and an outcry from law enforcement. However, Republican state Senate President Bill Cole says there is enough support for the measure to revisit it in January.

“The responsible individuals truly fall under second amendment,” Scott Lester said.

Scott Lester, a concealed carry permit holder, says responsibility is key

“You need to be extremely responsible and I would never harm or act in any type of violent fashion, but I do think in the world we live it is a precautionary measure,” Lester said.

In West Virginia it’s already legal to open carry, but with the repeal concealed carry, gun carriers wouldn’t need to a permit to put their guns in a coat, or something similar.

“There’s people out there, in my opinion, that don’t need a weapon in public,” Scott Calhoun said.

Calhoun, the owner of Gunsmoke indoor range, believes there isn’t enough regulations in place for concealed carry training.

Adam Mayer, the “journalist” behind this train wreck of a story, can’t tell the difference between eliminating the requirement for a concealed carry permit and thus enabling citizens to concealed carry without getting government permission, and eliminating lawful concealed carry, two ideas that are diametrically opposed to one another.

I’m fairly certain Mayer has a favorite flavor of paste.