BREAKING: YouTube Superstar Hickok45's Account Terminated

Hundreds of thousands of fans of mild-mannered YouTube gun-reviewer hickok45 are shocked today to find a notice from Google that his account has been terminated.


This account has been terminated due to repeated violations of Google’s policies.


There isn’t yet an update on the entertainer’s Facebook page that explains his view of what happened, and we’re going to withhold speculation on reasons for the account termination.

Until this account termination is explained, it has the potential to have a huge chilling effect on firearms YouTubers, and may drive them towards alternate platforms.

We’ll update this story as more becomes known.

Update: Hickok45 just made a statement on his Facebook page.

Apparently, Google + is more sensitive about firearms related postings and such. I never use Google+ and did not even realize the videos were being posted over there, I guess. I will keep you posted via Facebook here and the Hickok45andson channel. I have communicated with YouTube via email this morning, and hopefully, we’ll be able to get the channel back up soon. I had just posted a new video.

Update: Hickok45’s account has been restored.

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