SERIOUS AIR: The Benjamin Bulldog 357

The Benjamin Bulldog is a 357 caliber bullpup air rifle specifically designed for hunting medium sized game. Its 1 in 14” twist 28” rifled barrel is surrounded by a baffle-less trapezoidal shaped suppressor which Benjamin calls the Sound Trap. This gives the 36” long Bulldog a very sci fi aesthetic, aided in this case by the ATN X-Sight that I have mounted.

The top Picatinny rail is a whopping 26” long to allow mounting of intensifier tubes, lights, laser sights, and other aids for nighttime predator and hog hunting where legal. The rail height is designed to give you a proper cheek weld when using any AR15 spec sighting system, whether it’s iron sights, a quick detach mount, or red dot. A 5 and a half inch polymer rail hangs underneath the barrel for mounting a bipod or other accessories. A front stud is also close by for those that prefer that bipod mounting style or for mounting a sling.

The Bulldog is a repeater with a reversible bolt that allows mounting of the cocking lever on either the right or left side. A five shot rotary magazine sits flush in the stock. This auto-indexing magazine accepts most standard 357 caliber bullets, though jacketed rounds are not recommended and airgun specific bullets like these from Nosler and JSB are preferred.