The Binary Firing System - Better Than Bumpfire?

The Military Arms channel got their hands on a Franklin Armory Binary Firing System (BFS) Pack, a self-contained, $399 trigger system that drops into most AR-15 lowers and which can help increase the practical rate of fire dramatically.

While I tend to view bumpfire stocks and other trigger packs that help increase the rate of fire with a great deal of skepticism, the Franklin Armory BFS clearly excels at doing just what the name implies: firing two shot for trigger-squeeze cycle. While most guns are designed to only fire when you squeeze the trigger, the “binary” mode (which is the third position on a BFS system) will fire one shot when you pull the trigger, and another when you decide to release the trigger. Someone with good and deliberate trigger control and solid shooting fundamentals can use the system to deliver very fast controlled pairs or hammers to a target with such a system. As a practical matter in most situations this would actually be a better option than full-auto-fire, though as Tim shows in the video, it can simulate that as well.

Clearly there are some kinks to be worked out in the system you can get ahead of the gun resulting in shots not firing as MAC discovered, but this clearly has a lot of potential, and I’d be very interested in trying a BFS Pack in a carbine class for that hammer/controlled pair-enhancing capability.

Would I use it to simulate full-auto fire? Probably not, to be honest.

It’s fun to shoot full-auto when someone else is paying for your ammo on those rare and glorious occasions where that happens, but it’s not as much fun when it’s your cash being converted to smoke and noise.