Arizona Woman Shoots, Kills Domestic Violence Abuser

Remember this video from Everytown for Gun Safety?

It was hammered by everyone—including the ultra-liberal cast of The View—who viewed the domestic violence situation depicted as the exact reason that a woman might need a firearm for self defense.


A woman in El Mirage, Arizona just went through a similar scenario, though because she had the common sense to arm herself to defend herself from an abuser, she and her children are alive, while her attacker is now dead.

Detectives are investigating a homicide as a case of self-defense, after a man was shot and killed inside a home near 117th Avenue and Cactus Road Sunday night, according to Sgt. Robert Peoples with the El Mirage Police Department.

Police say a woman called to report shots fired inside the home. When police arrived, they say they learned the woman shot the man after some type of domestic violence situation.

The woman was questioned and released.

The woman’s adult daughter corroborated the woman’s story, which was that the boyfriend came at the woman with some kind of weapon, forcing her to fire in self-defense.


The woman saved herself, her adult daughter, and two minor children from the abuser, who will never abuse anyone anymore.

 * * *

It is the height of sexism that Moms Demand Action, Everytown for Gun Safety, and other gun control groups continue to treat women as inferiors. Women are perfectly capable of using firearms, and yet they continue to portray them as pathetic, impotent victims.

Woman not only can and do shoot, but are the fastest growing demographic of gun owners.

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