CZ P-09 Custom Work By Cajun Gun Works

Steve Fisher of Sentinel Concepts has some really, really nice handguns, and so when he says that he’s sent two CZ P09s and a CZ P07 to Cajun Gun Works for their Pro-Grade Package, and that his P09s are some of his mainstay everyday carry (EDC) guns, it is certainly worth noting.


What’s not to like about a 9mm pistol with 20-rounds on-board (19+1), featuring a smooth seven-pound double-action action trigger pull and a four-pound single-action pull, that still costs less than a lot of factory stock handguns?

I’m running a stock P07 in Gunsite Academy’s first-ever Defense Against Street Crimes class in March. If I like it as much as I think I will at the end of the 1,200 round week, I think Cajun Gun Works will soon have my P07 to be worked over as my EDC gun.

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