Home Owner Talks His Way Out Of Home Invasion. Just Kidding. He Shot Him.

A Lockland, Ohio home owner was attacked in his dwelling by a stranger with a knife and promptly shot him dead.

A man was shot dead Tuesday during a home invasion in Lockland, police said.

The incident happened around 2:15 p.m. at a home near the intersection of Maple and Locust streets.

Police said the man living in the home called police, saying he shot a man who entered the home.

According to 911 calls obtained by WLWT, the caller tells dispatchers, “Guy just tried to come in here and cut my throat and he’s dying on the floor.”

Police arriving at the home found one man inside the home with a gunshot wound to the chest. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Officials said the man living at the home is cooperating with police.

“We’re all cooperative and working together,” said Lockland Police Chief James Toles. “(We’re) trying to get the gun violence off the street and unfortunately it had to come back to this.”

Police said the resident reported that four people entered the home and threatened to kill him with a knife. Three others were still on the scene when police arrived and were questioned, officials said.


In a televised interview (also at the link) Chief Toles indicated that the three other people who were with the knife-wielding home invader were still there when police arrived. He didn’t say whether or not had anything to do with whether or not they were there voluntarily, or where there because the home owner requested that they hang around at the barrel of a smoking gun. A fifth suspect, presumed to be the group’s getaway driver, fled the scene, and has not yet been apprehended.

Apparently both the home invaders and the home owner are cooperating fully with police, and it appears the investigation could wrap-up as early as today. It does not appear that changes will be filed against the home owner.

One area witness seemed very surprised that the home invasion crew would target the home owner, who he described as a “defender” of the community.

Wrong house, punks.

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