Machine Guns vs. Drones At Big Sandy

Big Sandy like like Knob Creek, only bigger and with a LOT fewer spectators. One of the highlights of the shoot are the RC target drones that zip back and forth along the 1/4 mile long firing line. The planes travel close to 100 mph and the pilot makes them harder to hit with evasive maneuvers. Bullets often strike the planes but miss the vital parts that would take out the planes. Sometimes they will tape explosives to the planes.

It gets even crazier at night when they strap glow sticks to the planes. I don’t know how the pilot manages to control the planes so well without crashing them into the mountain. It’s not easy flying an RC plane in the blackness of night. This video gives you a glimpse of the amazing show they put on at this shoot. Add some artillery, a tank, hundreds of exploding targets, and you get the picture.

Big Sandy is held in Arizona twice a year. The next shoot is March 18 – 20. This weekend! It’s only $25 to attend all weekend.