Where Are Your Puny Square Range Gods Now?

It’s all fun and games on the square range, but gets a bit more interesting when your target starts moving among innocent bystanders.

These videos are two different iterations of the same drill at Gunsite Academy during the inaugural Defense Against Street Crimes class several weeks ago.


The context of the drill is pretty simple.

We have a number of randomly dispersed “no shoot” targets that we’re attempting to avoid shooting, and a single hostile target mounted on top of a remote controlled target carrier.

The rules are that you engage the target only when it is square with you, and you are to avoid shooting at angles that will result in no-shoot targets getting hit.

You’re allowed to move inside the box created by the four cones.

It sounds easy enough, and may even look pretty easy on video, but target lock is a real issue in runs like these just as it is in the real world, and not all of our targets that day escaped unscathed.

It just a bit tougher than shooting at stationary targets from a fixed position, as you may well imagine.

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