Is Chuck Schumer The Dumbest Politician To Ever Talk About Guns?

Okay, that headline is obviously a rhetorical question. As long as there are other progressive Democrats in California, Connecticut, Illinois, New York, and Maryland who are equally steeped in that special blend of smugness, paranoia, and ignorance, we’ll have to concede that he’s merely one of a very stupid breed.


That allowance made, it takes a very deplorable person to argue that a sightless two-shot derringer that is impossible to aim and slow to reload is any sort of a credible criminal or terrorist threat as he did in yet another self-aggrandizing press conference today.

It’s long been known that the most dangerous place in the Senate is between Charles Schumer and a television camera.

The risk of being trampled to death is substantial as he rushed for airtime and the illusion of importance.

He’s proven that fact once again as he’s rushed to call down the power of the federal government on Ideal Conceal—a new company hasn’t even made one of these close-range self-defense derringers yet—for proposing the manufacture of a perfectly legal product.

In a perfect world, manufacturers would be able to sue shiftless charlatans and fear-mongers like Schumer for so blatantly and willfully lying about products in an effort to seize a few minutes of media air time. Unfortunately, politicians have passed laws to protect themselves from what would be liable or slander for us “lesser Americans,” enabling them to spread unfounded lies and fear which their equally dishonest partners in the mainstream media are all to happy to help sell.


Here are the facts.

Criminals and terrorists want the same things in weaponry: light, powerful weapons with substantial firepower to bring to bear against their victims and which can be used to intimidate their victims.

The Ideal Conceal derringer doesn’t come close to meeting those qualities. It is, after all, a slow to load, two-shot derringer in a marginal (.380 ACP) caliber that doesn’t have sights, nor present itself as being remotely terrifying.

Unfortunately, telling the truth about this relatively anemic last-ditch niche self-defense product doesn’t get Chuckie the camera time he desires, so he’ll try to sell fear instead.

There’s a place for people like Senator Chuck Schumer, and it’s a heck of a lot warmer than the United States Senate.

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