How To Shoot Your Truck, or "Hey Cletus, Watch This!"

I tend to find Don Porter’s gun reviews to be entertaining, but I have no idea what he was attempting to accomplish by firing a CMMG Mutant low across the hood of his pickup.


If he was seriously attempting to hit the target, then he really knew a lot less about mechanical sight offset than I’d expect form someone in his position. If he was attempting to shoot the truck hood on purpose to show… something, then he did it with too short of a berm, too far away, and created a situation where it would be very easy to negligently ricochet a round over the backstop (and perhaps he did).

No matter how you slice it, this strikes me as of four negligent but intentional discharges, and I don’t find it nearly as amusing as he does. Nor would anyone who might have a home or loved ones within a mile of the other side of that berm.

On the upside, this might serve him well as a video resume for a job at Tactical Response.

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