CUE THE OUTRAGE: Black St. Louis Teen "Shot In Back" By White Cop

The click-baiting, cop-hating Daily Mail asserts a lot in their headline, “Black Missouri teen, 15, fatally shot in the back by white cop during a high speed police chase.”


Of course, what the Daily Mail lacks the integrity to tell you is that the carjacked car had stopped momentarily, that Jorevis Scruggs and another passenger had bailed out of the vehicle, and that an officer fired at and hit Scruggs as the suspected carjacker pointed a stolen gun back towards the officer when he was shot.

Oh, those pesky facts.

Officials confirmed Wednesday that Jorevis Scruggs, who would have turned 16 on Sunday and formerly attended the Innovative Concept Academy, was the teen fatally shot in a confrontation with St. Louis police the day before.

Dr. Michael Graham, the medical examiner, said the preliminary cause of death was a single shot to the back. He said it entered Jorevis’ body in the middle of the right side of his back and traveled through both lungs and his heart in an upward trajectory.

The officer’s attorney, Brian Millikan, said Wednesday that his client had seen Jorevis pointing a gun at him from Jorevis’ right hand while he started to run away.

“We’re not sure if the suspect fired or not, but that’s when the policeman fired,” Millikan said. “It’s perfectly consistent with a transverse shot.”

Graham said that so far, “Everything I’ve seen is consistent with the officer’s account.”

“As I understand it, the kid was running with his arm up shooting or pointing the gun at the officer, who was kind of behind him,” Graham said.

Police have not said whether Jorevis fired the gun. Chief Sam Dotson said Tuesday that a gun had been found “in close proximity to his body.”


We can expect the “usual suspects” to attempt to try to exploit the death of this violent teen, but the circumstances of his life and death suggest that the shooting was clearly justified.

While he was “shot in the back,” Scruggs was shot while allegedly pointing a gun at a pursuing officer behind him. This has every appearance of being an easily justified self-defense shooting by a police officer who was chasing an armed violent criminal.

It’s worth noting that even after taking a solid hit that proved to be fatal, Scruggs was able to run another 30-40 yards before collapsing.

Video shot by bystanders some distance away show that officers attempted to provide medical care to Scruggs in the form of CPR, but a transverse shot through both lungs and the heart would have been unsurvivable even if it happened in an operating room in the best trauma centers in the world.

Thug culture has claimed another life. Our biased media is blaming police officers and guns.

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