Panda Bomber With Candy Bar Explosives Shot by Snipers, Stripped By Robot

Folks, I’m going to put down a marker. I’m never going to be able to top that headline.

Anyway, on to the bizarre story coming to us from Baltimore, where a man dressed in a panda suit wanted to broadcast a message that world was going to end and set his car on fire in a TV station parking lot.

Then things really got weird.

The man who was shot four times by a sniper Thursday after saying he had a bomb inside a Baltimore TV station believed the world is soon going to end and wanted a message broadcast, a man who said he was the suspect’s father told NBC News.

Alex Brizzi, 25, was set to undergo exploratory surgery Thursday night, Edward Brizzi said in a phone interview. Alex Brizzi was shot in the neck, wrist, buttock and right leg, he said.

Baltimore police would not release or confirm the suspect’s identity, because no charges have been filed in the incident, police spokesman Danny Moses said.

Alex, wearing a panda costume, allegedly entered the WBFF-TV office, said he had a bomb and tried to handover a flash drive he said contained information about a government cover-up. The hoax bomb turned out to be chocolate bars wrapped in aluminum foil.

“About two weeks ago, Alex came to me and said that he had a revelation from God and Jesus that there was going to be a terrible event,” Edward Brizzi said.

Alex said that the world was going to end on June 3, and that he needed to get the message out and to save some people, his father said. “We were watching him after that,” Edward Brizzi said. But three days later, he went for a walk and ended up in a neighbor’s yard, and was restrained by authorities and hospitalized for four days, Edward Brizzi said.

I’m going to take a wild guess that Brizzi’s injuries were the result of tactical team snipers simultaneously going for a central nervous system hit (the neck shot) and perhaps going for the arm that they assume held a detonator in his pocket (the shot that hit the wrist, buttock and right leg).

After Brizzi was down, a bomb squad robot was sent into remove the “bomb” before EMS could help Brizzi. Brizzi had a long history of mental health issues, but the police could not know that at the time, nor could they know that his “bomb” was nothing more than candy bars wrapped in foil.

Hopefully this young man get the mental help he needs, and the Baltimore Police won’t have to deal with any more “end of days” fake bombers wearing animal suits for a while.