"Real Sports" Is Latest to Get Caught In Fraudulent Anti-Gun Editing

"I learned it from watching her!"
"I learned it from watching her!"
“I learned it from watching her!”

It’s starting to look like Bryant Gumbel picked up his journalistic ethics—or lack of them—from his former NBC Today Show co-host Katie Couric.


Couric is currently under fire for fraudulent editing in her “documentary,” Under The Gun. Couric admitted being aware of the fraudulent editing from director Stephanie Soechtig even in the early rough cuts of the film, but went ahead and produced the fraudulent film anyway.

Now her former co-host Gumbel is coming under fire at his current show, Real Sports on HBO, for pulling the very Couric-like stunt of editing video to make one of the designers of the AR-15, Jim Sullivan, look like he thinks that the most common rifle sold in the United States should not be sold to civilians.

According to Sullivan, that is the opposite of what he really said.

The anti-gun HBO sports interview misrepresented much of what I had said. They were apparently trying to make the AR-15 civilian model seem too dangerous for civilian sales. They didn’t lie about what I said, they just omitted key parts, which changed the meaning.

The examples I most object to are: 1) When I appear to say that the civilian-model AR-15 is just as effective or deadly as the military M16, they omitted that I had said “When firing semi-auto only” and that “the select fire M16 on full auto is of course more effective”; and 2) the interviewer pretended not to understand the relevance that, due to the Hague Convention, military bullets cannot be expanding hollow points like hunting bullets that give up all of their energy in the target body instead of passing through with minimum wound effect, with most of the energy still in the bullet and wasted.


It’s stunning that both Today Show alumni seem to be under the belief that they can doctor video to make their interviewees appear to be stupid (Couric), or to misrepresent what they actually believe in such a stunning manner (Gumbel) and get away with it in 2016.

Maybe in 1994 they might have been able to get away with it…


But it’s not 1994 anymore, kids.

When you commit fraud in order to attack a core constitutional right, you’re going to get caught, and you’re going to get called out.

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