Special Forces Association Rips Patraeus, McCrystal For Gun Control Betrayal

An influential veterans group is blasting some of their former brass for taking positions that many feel are a violation of their oaths to protect the Constitution.


The Special Forces Association forcefully rebuked calls for more gun control from both former CIA director and CENTCOM commander David Petraeus and retired Army general Stanley McChrystal. SFA is a 52 year old national organization composed of members who once served in the U.S. Special Forces.

The organization drew up a membership resolution at their annual convention in Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday, confirming prior statements of continued support of the U.S. “Constitution and all of its amendments, realizing that only the existence of the Second Amendment guarantees the freedom of the American people and that the Bill of Rights was written to delineate and restrict the power of government and not to restrict the powers and rights of the people or states.”

This is hardly the first time that the Army’s elite soldiers have rebuked those in positions of power who have threatened the right to bear arms.

After President Obama threatened wide-ranging “executive actions” a month after the Sandy Hook massacre, more than 1,100 Green Berets wrote him a public letter that outlined their position, and gently reminded the President that their duty was to defending the Constitution against all enemies, and that they owed no allegiance to any particular President.


It was not lost on Mr. Obama that the Green Berets specialize in fomenting insurrections and overthrowing governments, and the First Golfer has confined himself to making anti-gun speeches ever since.

blue falcon Some members of the SFA believe that McCrystal and Petraeus have joined the gun control movement for purely for financial gain, and feel that their actions are dishonorable.

They are not alone.

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