What Difference Can a Single Good Guy With A Gun Make?

At least 36 people are dead and more than 140 wounded in a three-man Islamic terrorist attack at Istanbul Ataturk Airport. It might have been worse except for the actions of airport police.


Dramatic security camera video captures the moment one of the terrorists runs past a police officer who is waiting in ambush. The terrorist never sees the officer, and drops to the ground from what appears to be a central nervous system hit. His gun goes skittering across the terminal floor.

The officer steps away from cover, aiming at the terrorist, when he suddenly seems to realize the terrorist is a suicide bomber. The officer retreats while the suicide bomber futily flops on the group for a few moments and then, apparently realizing that he is no longer combat effective, detonates his bomb.

It is horrific that so many people died today, but import to note that a single good guy with a gun who uses cover or even just concealment wisely can make a huge difference and save lives.

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