BREAKING: Multiple Officers Down In Dallas After "Black Lives Matter" Ambush

We’re hearing reports of dozens of shots fired and a number of police officers shot with what sounds like an AKM (AK-47) rifle in Dallas during a volatile  “Black Lives Matter” protest in Dallas, Texas.


We’ll update as we have more concrete information.

WFAA updates:

Dallas Police Department sources tell News 8 at least two DPD officers were shot in downtown Dallas by a shooter at a protest in downtown Dallas of officer-involved shootings across the country.

The source tells us one of the officers has been taken to Parkland Hospital. We have not confirmed where the other officer is being taken.

It remains an active-shooter situation. Police have asked everyone to get to safety and avoid downtown Dallas.

The shots were fired as the march was moving down Lamar Street near Griffin before 9 p.m.

An officer at the scene told News 8’s Marie Saavedra the shooter has a rifle.  She described several volleys of quick bursts of gunfire.


Dallas Police Department has released a photo of a “person of interest.”


No suspects are in custody at this time.

According to Fox 4, an eleventh officer has just been shot in a shootout with one of the suspects.

The “person of interest” appears on video, away from the shooting scene. Dallas PD may be barking up the wrong tree.

At least one of the shooter’s moves like someone with some significant skill with firearms.

As of 1:50 AM, 3 people (two males, one female) are in custody, and a fourth male suspect is trapped in a parking garage and shooting at police.

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