Video Suggests that That Cop-Killing Dallas Terrorist Had Tactical Training

Video filmed from a rooftop in downtown Dallas last night suggests that the anti-white, cop-hating terrorists who attacked Dallas Police officers last night may have had some level of tactical training.


In the video, the rifle-armed suspect is seen engaging with police officers off camera, and then stops to reload. During this lull, and officer moves into cover behind a pillar and attempts to engage the terrorist with his pistol. The terrorist completes his reload, and then fires a shot or shot that forces the officer to cover.

Once the officer ducks behind cover the terrorist quickly moves forward and then fluidly swings around the opposite side of the column, shooting the officer in the back multiple times and then firing anchoring shots to make sure he is incapacitated, as shots from inbound fire explode around him.

This does not mean that the cop-hating terrorist was necessarily a member of law enforcement or the military.

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