"Mostly Peaceful" Protesters Attempt Murder On Anniversary of Mike Brown's Death

Protesters in Ferguson, Missouri reverted into a violent mob last night when a woman accidentally hit a protester who stepped in front of her car.

A day of peaceful commemoration of the second anniversary of Michael Brown’s death was marred Tuesday night when gunfire broke out after a protester was struck by a motorist.

After a quiet morning vigil and evening church service, the night turned violent when a car speeding south on West Florissant Avenue struck a protester who had ventured into the street.

Others among the roughly 75 protesters began trying to cut off the car, which then reversed direction and tried to head north to avoid the crowd, according to several witnesses.

At that point, witnesses said, several protesters pulled out guns and began chasing and firing at the fleeing car.

“I just started screaming, and the bullets started flying, and I started screaming some more,” said Heather DeMian, of St. Charles, a regular protester who has been live-streaming Ferguson protests.


ferguson hiding

This isn’t the first time that “mostly peaceful” Black Lives Matter protesters in Ferguson have pulled out guns and started shooting at people.

A “mostly peaceful” protester named Jeff williams shot and seriously wounded two officers in March of 2015, and another frequent Ferguson protester named Tyrone Harris was shot and killed after opening fire on police almost exactly a year ago.

The woman who accidentally hit the the protester last night stopped after hitting the man, but was quickly set upon by an enraged mob which made her fear for her life. She then fled the scene as the “mostly peaceful” crowd pulled out guns and opened fire on her vehicle, striking it multiple times.

The terrified woman fled the murderous mob and turned herself into police, where she has been cooperative.

The criminals who fired upon her have not been located.

Protestors continue to believe an entirely fictional account that Mike Brown was shot while peacefully surrendering, leading to the lie of the “hands up, don’t shoot” chant still heard at Black Lives Matter rallies today.

Brown was instead shot once as he attacked officer Darren Wilson in his police SUV and tried to take the officer’s gun, and then was killed when he fled a short distance, then turned and charged Wilson once Wilson emerged from his vehicle.


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