I'll Shoot The Crossbow Shotgun... Wait, What?


The Zubin X340 is like no other crossbow that I know of. It shoots arrows, of course, but it also shoots sabots that you can load with shot pellets. That’s why Zubin makes the claim that the X340 is the world’s most versatile crossbow.

The name comes from its 340fps rated speed with the included 370 grain Black Eagle arrows. The X340’s split limbs have a peak draw weight of 170 pounds and a 13.5” power stroke.

It’s most notable feature is that instead of an open top rail, the X340 has a true barrel with cuts for arrow vanes as well as the sabots. The string itself runs right through the middle of the barrel with no need for the serving-wearing downward pressure required by traditional rails. The cables are also yoked to pass over and under the barrel for even pressure on the limbs. This means that the limbs flex with minimal torsion, which should reduce both vibration and noise at the shot.

The sabots weigh an average of 376 grains when loaded with 16 pellets of lead shot, which is within grains of the average weight of the included arrows (370 grains). The shot patterns are remarkably repeatable, which makes the X340 a lot of fun on the range when using it to shoot bullseyes with arrows gets boring.


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