Recalled Already? New Glocks Are Less than "Perfection"

The Firearm Blog reported yesterday that the new “M” series Glocks selected to the be FBI’s new handgun and being tested in some select police departments are already experiencing serious problems in the field, leading to a complete recall in at least one agency:

It looks like the new Glock 17M pistols are already experiencing some teething problems with the design changes. There are reports that Indianapolis Metro Police Department has halted issuing the new duty pistol due to problems during dry fire training. The recall comes after the pistols were supposed to be issued on July 31st, but delayed till August 15th due to unknown problems.

The Firearm Blog’s source within the department declined to be named and only spoke on the condition of anonymity about the problems. Our source stated that the slides were falling off during dry fire training due to a potential issue with the recoil spring assembly and/or the slide stop. IMPD has recalled all issued Glock 17Ms to include the one that TFB was leaked photos of due to the problem.

This news is no doubt going to hurt the egos of fanboys who really believe the marketing hype of Glock “perfection,” but the simple reality is that almost all new models have “teething problems,” and the Glock family of pistols is no different. They’ve had problems with previous generations of pistols as well, and will no doubt have issues with future generations, as will every other manufacturer.

Glock 19M
I’d caution against reading too much into this, or if you hate Glocks, gloating that the new “M” series is junk. Odds are that there are minor tweaks to be made to the platform, and then the 17M & 19M will function correctly with a minimal level of failures. This is why you hold field trials before fully deploying any weapon system, folks.