How to Get Your Ignorant A** Tased By The Police

A Sweeny, (TX) police officer arrived to the scene of a domestic violence call at a home, only to have the man who lives there start cursing at the officer, acting aggressive, threaten to sic his dog on her, and even dragged a bat out as a potential weapon, all while admitting he hit the victim in the head.

What a lovely guy.

These law enforcement officers showed great restraint in holding off arresting this domestic abuser until the dog was under control so that they didn’t run as high of a risk of having to shoot an innocent animal, especially as the man was clearly trying to lure the officers within range of the chained-up dog.

The female officer recording the incident kept calm throughout the incident, and finally dropped the domestic abuser with her taser once he threatened officers one time too many after the dog was under control.

As is so often the case, the abused woman immediately chose the side of the man who battered her when the police arrived, and the community turned on the officers and alleged that white officers were being abusive because the suspect was black.

As is typically the case, color had nothing to do with it.

Violence and stupidity did.