Zimmerman Laughs Last: Prosecutor Angela Corey Is Crushed in Primary Bid To Retain Her Job

Angela Corey, the grand-standing Florida prosecutor who tried George Zimmerman despite a lack of evidence and who came under fire for throwing the proverbial book at Marissa Alexander, has been crushed in in her re-election bid by an NRA-backed upstart.

Melissa Nelson, an unknown corporate lawyer and former prosecutor three months ago, cleared her path to become one of the most powerful and influential figures in Northeast Florida on Tuesday night when she easily defeated incumbent 4th Judicial State Attorney Angela Corey.

The election caps a dizzying rise for Nelson and an equally shocking fall for Corey, one of the most polarizing political figures in Jacksonville history who generated national attention and enormous criticism for her prosecutions of George Zimmerman, Marissa Alexander, 12-year-old Cristian Fernandez and many others. Corey will depart office in the first week of January as the first incumbent state attorney in modern history to lose a contested election.

Nelson must still defeat write-in candidate Kenny Leigh in the general election before she officially becomes the state-attorney elect, but no write-in candidate has ever been elected to a state attorney position in Florida and Leigh has not raised any money or made any campaign appearances.

melissa nelson

Melissa Nelson ran on a reform platform with the support of the National Rifle Association and crushed Corey by a 38-point margin, garnering 64% of the vote to Corey’s dismal 26% second place finish.

Amusingly, both sides of the political spectrum with Corey’s defeat.

Supporters of gun rights and due process were discussed at how Corey acted with a raw display of political grandstanding when she announced her decision to prosecute George Zimmerman for Second Degree Murder, even though there simply wasn’t any evidence to support the charge.

Zimmerman was acquitted of the charges in a case so one-sided that the prosecution’s witnesses made some of the best points for Zimmerman’s innocence. He was also cleared by the U.S. Department of Justice in a politically-motivated investigation.

[Note: that does not excuse Zimmerman’s erratic behavior prior to or after the trial, at least some of which can be blamed on stress due to constant death threats, one confirmed attempt to murder him, and a recent assault of Zimmerman at an area restaurant.]

On the left side of the political spectrum, many of the same people who claim that Zimmerman “got away with murder” came to hate Corey for not just failing to put away the clearly-justified Zimmerman, but for Corey’s zealous prosecution of Marissa Alexander, whom they tried to portray as a victim. The facts of the case, however, were that Alexander left her home, retrieved her gun, and reentered the home and fired a shot that was not a warning shot as she claimed, but was an attempt to murder Rico Gray that simply missed. Alexander eventually pled guilty to all charges.

Losing both the Zimmerman and Alexander cases after crafting false narratives libeling Zimmerman and attempting to make Alexander a hero enraged the social justice warriors of the left, and so they’re currently singing a gleeful tune as well.