"He Got What Was Coming to Him." Frail 70 Y/O Uses Handgun To Save Himself From Home Invader

A frail senior citizen who walks with the aid of a cane is alive today because he was able to retrieve his .38 handgun and use it to defend his life against a much younger home invader.


The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department says it was about 5:30 Thursday afternoon when they were called to Campo Road. Deputies say that’s where Sebastian Thompson, 48, broke into a home and attacked a 70-year-old man.

“I heard the cops come, and as it was evening, I tried to go the store, but this entire way was blocked off,” said Neighbor Liam Wilson.

Deputies are not releasing where it happened but neighbors pointed out the home to KRQE News 13. They say seeing deputies surround it left them worried about their neighbor.

“He walks with a cane. He’s kinda a bit older and has some issues. I think that a strong breeze would push him over,” said Jacob Johnson.

BCSO says Thompson attacked the man with a bamboo stick and a hockey stick. The victim suffered a severe head injury but was able to shoot Thompson in the chest, using a .38 caliber hand gun. Thompson died at the scene.

Szonja Johnson said, “Good for him. That’s awesome that he was able to think that fast and he was able to protect himself.”

Wilson said, “The intruder got what he had coming to him.”

It infuriates me to see supporters of gun control and confiscation attempt to argue that citizens don’t need and shouldn’t have firearms to defend themselves against violent criminals. Invariably, these critics are middle-class, in good health, in safe neighborhoods, who have never had to deal with the horrors any more substantial than grade-school bullying.


Here in the real world the most zealous law enforcement officers may have the best of intentions, but they probably aren’t going to get to you in the crucial seconds after a violent criminal has launched his attack.  They’ll be there to sweep the property and put up crime scene tape and try to solve the crime, but they won’t be there in time to save you.

In the end, it’s the job of law enforcement to solve crimes, not prevent bad guys from hurting you or your family members. Self-defense is your job alone.

Are you young, in excellent health, and have the time and money to devote to combatives classes to give you a fighting chance against a single opponent? That’s awesome!  Hey, I was multi-sport athlete athlete who once felt bulletproof, too.

I’m still tall and in relatively decent shape, but I’m getting older. I don’t have the time to devote to hours of training every day that I did when I was a kid, and I’m not sure that my surgically repaired joints would appreciate it if I tried. Even on my best day in the prime of my youth I was a fair match for just one person, and today’s criminals often run in packs, or belong to gangs.


I don’t have the power or reflexes I did at 18, but I do have a particular set of skills, skills I have acquired in shooting classes and honed at firing ranges and in dry fire, skills which enable me to hold my own and protect those I love against violent souls who are younger, stronger, and more numerous,who intend to cause harm.

You have the natural human right to arm yourself to defend yourself against criminals.

Exercise that right, and don’t let anyone take it from you.

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