The Huffington Post Is Now Actively Encouraging Felony Gun Theft

The editors of the Huffington Post have always reliably been for gun control, but now they’ve taken the shocking step of publishing a story promoting felony gun theft.


Betsy got tired of waiting for the gunsucking cowards in Congress to get off their asses and save some lives, so she decided to take matters into her own sticky, chalky hands.

Gunhumpers love their deadly fetish objects so much that they bring them everywhere they go, and usually do a really shitty job of securing them. This is not so good for the 100 kids who Second Amendment themselves to death every year, but the silver lining is that it does help make Betsy’s job much easier.

Unlocked cars are a great place to find any kind of gun a Betsy might want, from handguns to AR-15s. Betsy helpfully reminded this gun owner former gun owner of the cold statistical truth:

Garages can also offer a wealth of weapons to literally anyone who happens to stroll by. Irresponsible gunlicking f*ckwits, take note: if you can’t keep your f*cking guns out of the wrong f*cking hands, they will end up in Betsy’s.

Any betsy can play this game – it’s fun and easy! The best part is that you don’t even really have to look all that hard before you start finding killing machines left lying around somewhere where a fragile man-child or a violent felon or a kid can pick ‘em up – public bathrooms, parks, even Disney World!

Make sure to take trophy pics…


There’s more at the link, along with pictures suggesting that the author stole firearms from vehicles and homes and then destroyed them.

“Betsy Riot” is apparently a collection of sock-puppeted Twitter accounts all written with this same angry and desperate-to-be-relevant voice. while purporting to be female, “Betsy” probably looks a lot more like this.


I’m not at all surprised that the angry individual behind “Betsy” would encourage others to break laws.


I am, however, more than a little alarmed that the editorial board of the Huffington Post has allowed this to be published to their Contributor platform, where it still remains, promoting felonies, five days after being published.

Update: The article has now been pulled by the editors of the Huffington Post.  As liberal as they clearly are, they see the obvious insanity of “Betsy” and his sock puppets.

Even better, “Betsy” has been outed as a content thief: the melted gun was culled from a a gun vlogger’s old Youtube video.

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