Feathered Rambo Stops Commuter Train Shooting in Oregon

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and levels of strange.

A bearded man sporting a leather jacket and a sporting a ceremonial Native American calling himself Rambo Richardson subdued an armed teen who opened fire on a commuter train in Oregon.


A teenager was taken into custody after he allegedly fired a gun on a MAX train Tuesday night, according to police.

Reports of gunfire on the MAX train at the 102nd Avenue Transit Station on E Burnside Street came in around 8:30 p.m. Portland Police Bureau said.

A Good Samaritan was holding the suspect down when officers arrived. He was reportedly taken into custody without incident.

Investigators believe he fired 1 or 2 shots after being confronted by an adult he knew.


The shooting suspect had been accused of burglary by an adult who knew him when he pulled out a (illegally acquired and possessed) handgun and opened fire. He did not apparently hit his target or any bystanders before being taken down by our feather-and-leather-clad hero.

Keep it weird, Portland.

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