Was This A Botched Robbery Or Another Attempted Cop Assassination?

One of two masked gunman who drew down on a San Joaquin County Sheriff’s deputy earlier this week won the Room Temperature Challenge when the deputy pulled his concealed personal handgun and opened fire.


An off-duty San Joaquin County sheriff’s deputy shot and killed a masked gunman who confronted him outside a Stockton apartment complex, police said Wednesday.

The deputy was walking from his car in the complex in the 3500 block of West Benjamin Holt Drive about 10:40 p.m. Tuesday when he was approached by two masked gunmen, said Officer Joseph Silva, spokesman for Stockton Police Department.

The masked men aimed their guns at the deputy’s face, he said.

That’s when the deputy fired his handgun and struck one of the men.

“He did not know if he was being robbed, carjacked, or targeted because he was law enforcement,” Silva said. “Everything happened so fast. He just remembers seeing the guns pointed to his face.

The wounded suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. He was identified as Keenan Bradley, a 21-year-old Stockton resident.

The attack took place  in a northwest Stockton apartment complex Tuesday night. The off-duty deputy fired multiple times, and fired shots at both suspects. It does not appear that either of the armed suspects got any shots off of their own.


Bradley was armed with a loaded stolen Ruger handgun that had been reported stolen.

The other suspect remains at large.

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