Family of Dead Felon Really Angry He Died After Shooting At Cops, Demands Change

Convicted drug trafficker Frank “Scooterbug” Clark was shot and killed by Durham Police earlier this week after he reached for a gun in his waistband after being confronted by cops, and his family and allies are really mad that violent felons aren’t treated with more respect by officers who know they are violent, woman-abusing drug dealers.

Family and friends are voicing their frustrations and concerns one day after police shot and killed a Durham man.

Frank Nathaniel Clark, 34, died after being shot during a struggle with three officers. Durham Police Chief C.J. Davis said the officers – Charles Barkley, Monte Southerland and Christopher Goss – stopped to talk to Clark when he reached for a gun in his waistband and they heard a shot.

About a dozen demonstrators marched a little over a mile from Fayetteville Road, near the McDougald Terrace community where Clark was shot, to Durham Police Headquarters, voicing their concerns about what they describe as a broken relationship between Durham police officers and the community.

The demonstrators took their call for justice to the front door of police headquarters before returning to the street and forming a circle in the middle of Chapel Hill Street, shutting down the intersection between Duke Street and Gregson Street.

“Not only do I want change, the community wants change too,” said Clark’s brother, Michael Clark.

Michael Clark said he and his brother, who was known to the community as “Bug,” grew up in the McDougald Terrace neighborhood. He said he wants Durham police officers to be more respectful to residents and that many who joined the march feel intimidated by police.

“The physical contact with the community, how they go about it; there’s another way instead of just hopping out, saying ‘put your hands up’, searching and patting you down for guns,” Michael Clark said.

Witnesses told WRAL News that Southerland and Goss were talking with Frank Clark near the intersection of Wabash and Dayton streets Tuesday afternoon, but that when Barkley arrived the situation escalated.

“Barkley’s been messing with him for some years,” Jasmine Lloyd, Clark’s girlfriend said.


Officer Barkley is well aware of Clark’s multi-decade record as a drug-dealing, woman-beating violent felon with a history of carrying weapons Michael Clark and Jasmine Lloyd don’t seem to have a lot to say about the allegation that “Scooterbug” reached for a weapon in his waistband as Officer Barkley approached, or anything about the shot apparently fired by Clark’s gun, or the fact that a gun was recovered at the scene that apparently belonged to Clark.

They’re instead angry that the police dared approach a known felon with a long history of drug and weapon convictions to talk to him.

A close read of any of the accounts of the incident shows that officers were merely talking with Clark when he suddenly reached for his waistband.

One person, and one person only, is responsible for convicted felon Frank “Scooterbug” Clark once again feloniously having a weapon in his possession, and that’s Scooterbug himself.

Clark’s family and activists what “change?”


How about starting with yourselves, and take responsibility for the criminality in your community, instead of blaming the police officers attempting to save you from these human predators.