School Shooter Stopped By Concealed Carrier In Dramatic Scenarios

In this episode of First Person Defender: An active shooter attacks students in a community college classroom and is stopped by someone with a carry permit.

Well-designed force-on-force scenario training is nerve-wrecking, but incredibly important in helping inoculate gun owners to the stress of operating in a deadly force encounter. It also gives them an appreciation for just how fast these situations can develop, seemingly out of nowhere.


In this episode of First Person Defender, the student concealed carrier makes some mistakes in both scenarios, but manages to do a very good job overall and stop the threat. If he ever find himself in a similar situation in real life he will likely operate with much more confidence, competence, and determination now that he’s had this training. That is the reason why force-on-force training is growing in popularity as a critical training aide for military units, law enforcement, and serious students of armed self-defense.

Now that you’ve seen just how rapidly a concealed carrier can turn the tables on a bad guy who thinks he’s in charge of the situation, it should become obvious why even moderately-trained concealed carriers like the one here are a far better option for surviving on-campus threats than are officers in squad cars 5-10 minutes away when an active shooter decides to act.