Yup, Concealed Carriers Can Freeze Up Just Like This

I’ve developed a real interest in the First Person Defender series of videos lately, watching how “range trained” shooters who haven’t had to react to anything other than a paper targets fair when they have to make a “Shoot/don’t shoot” decision under the stress of force-on-force training with Simunitions.

In this episode, real-life firefighter and EMT Nathan has to react as a bystander to a domestic violence assault, and it did not go well for him the first time around, at all.


His gun jammed, and not having ever practiced malfunction clearance drills, he was meekly “beaten to death” by the attacker.

The second time he did a lot better tactically, but still shot the abuser in the back, twice.

What do you think… was Nathan justified in what he did the second time around or not?