This .45 Caliber Suppressor Is Silent As A Ghost!

The Ghost M is a 45 caliber silencer that combines the latest in baffle design with one old school feature. The front cap accepts a neoprene wipe, which maximizes the gas trapped in the baffles before being cooled and released out the bore.

The M stands for modular. The Ghost can be configured as an 8 and three quarter inch long 12oz silencer or a 6.2” 9.6oz K can. The end module adds only 2.4 ounces of total weight, partly because its tube and baffles are aluminum. This helps improve the balance of a gun when wearing the Ghost M in its full length configuration.



Note: 37 PSR is also my home range, and I was less than 30 yards away when parts of this video were being filmed. The Ghost is indeed quiet.

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