Filmmaker Accuses Gun Control Group Of "Stealing" His Film

Filmmaker Albert Gonzalez is accusing Sandy Hook Promise of film theft.

Created screenshots to show the comparisons of my original viral short film The Desk and the copy of my story in an ad that was made by Sandy Hook Promise and BBDO Worldwide that they copied from my original story I wrote from my personal life experience in school. Help share and expose what they have done illegally like many others have to small filmmakers like me.


Indeed, Sandy Hook Promise’s 2016 “Evan” a dark, controversial short film that claims to represent missed opportunities to spot a school shooter before he acts seems to borrow heavily from Gonzalez’s uplifting 2011 film “The Desk.”

The side-by-side screen shots do appear to make a good case for his argument.

evan the desk 1








Indeed, it appears that “Evan” is close to being a shot-for-shot retelling of “The Desk,” but with a much darker side story taking place in the back ground.

Watch “The Desk.”

Then watch “Evan.”

Here are side-by-side comparisons of scenes from the two films.

Is this legally content theft? I’ll have to leave that for attorneys to decide.

It strongly suggests, however, that gun control supporters are incapable of thinking for themselves, and that they’re willing to stoop to incredible depths to attack our natural right to bear arms to push their agenda.

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