Uber Will Likely Fire This Driver For Saving Two Lives

An Uber driver saved his life and the life of a passenger yesterday when they were ambushed by an armed robber who didn’t expect to encounter a concealed carrier.

Authorities say an Uber driver fatally shot a man who was allegedly attempting to rob him early Sunday morning.

Aventura Police say an Uber driver in a black Toyota Corolla picked up a passenger from a condo along the William Lehman Causeway at around 5:30 a.m. on Sunday.

As the Corolla headed west on the causeway, a silver Dodge Caravan occupied by two people cut off the Uber driver. The driver of the Caravan jumped out with two guns drawn and attempted to rob the Uber driver.

Aventura police spokesman Chris Goranitis said the Uber driver pulled his own handgun and fired shots that killed the robber.

The Uber driver was able to fire off some rounds at the suspect who was pronounced deceased on scene,” Goranitis said.

The other robber jumped in the driver’s seat of the minivan and drove off, leaving his companion to bleed out in the street. The minivan was found several hours later by police, and a person of interest has been questioned by authorities.

Sadly, this Uber driver will likely be terminated by the rabidly anti-gun, California based company, which adopted a policy of not allowing either passengers or drivers to carry guns after an Uber driver stopped a mass shooting in Chicago.

Drivers and passengers aren’t listening to the company, of course. It’s an insane feel-good policy from a bunch of flakes that does nothing to keep drivers or passengers safe. Every person I know who drives for Uber or their competitors carries a concealed weapon. It only makes sense, and it has saved lives.

The company, of course, doesn’t care.



If Uber finds out who this driver is, he will lose the ability to earn a living from using the app.

The company would clearly rather have dead drivers and passengers than have lives defended with guns.