Enjoy Your New Gun Safely This Christmas (Don't Be An Idiot)


I’m sure thousands of Bearing Arms readers received firearms for Christmas or Hanukkah this year. Some of these may be for new shooters without adequate safety training (or who have had the training, but have little practice in applying it), or a firearms of unfamiliar designs, or in new calibers. Because of all these factors, the holiday season is a time of the year is the most dangerous part of the year of new gun owners.

The risk of “accidents” (almost always resulting from negligence/carelessness) in the next few weeks is especially high.

gunsite rules

I’d ask that those of you who are more experienced be especially vigilant and provide guidance for those who need it. Don’t let people play with guns, and don’t let people act like fools like the person who thought it would be funny to give an inexperienced person a powerful handgun they have no business firing, and could have easily led to an accidental suicide.

Enjoy this holiday season, safely.