Milwaukee Thugs Target Concealed Carrier, Earn Bullets

Two armed criminals looking for trouble tried to rob a dog-walking Milwaukee man and discovered this it was the man who had the worse bite, in the form of a concealed handgun.


A man walking his dog Tuesday night near his home shot two people who tried to rob him, killing one and wounding the other.

Deonte M. Thomas, 17, of Milwaukee was shot to death and his 18-year-old companion was wounded, police said. The 36-year-old man had a concealed-carry permit.

The incident happened about 10 p.m. in the 6500 block of W. Euclid Ave. when the two robbers were driving around looking for a possible victim, Ald. Mark Borkowski said.

“Obviously these people picked the wrong person, but not everyone has concealed carry,” Borkowski said Wednesday. “We all get a sense of security because it’s our neighborhood, but we have to be diligent.”

The attempted robbery happened two blocks from St. Gregory the Great parish on Milwaukee’s south side in Borkowski’s 11th aldermanic district, an area that’s normally a quiet neighborhood, he said, but “I think it’s anywhere in our community.

“It’s my understanding these kids were looking for trouble. They had been involved in trouble prior to this incident,” Borkowski said. “To pick a guy who can defend himself has showed that regardless of whether you’re going to engage in this kind of criminal activity, you really don’t know. You may meet your match.”


The dead suspect and his wounded partner are the primary suspects in a robbery that happened just an hour before.

The concealed carrier stayed at the scene and cooperated with authorities. It does not appear likely at this time that he will face any charges in the self-defense shooting.

We intend to keep a close watch on this case, however, as Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn and Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm are no friends of the Second Amendment, and Flynn in particular has an intense dislike of citizens carrying firearms for self-defense.

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