Early Reports Of A "School Shooting" At Suitland High School. Or Not.

There are breaking news accounts of a high school shooting at Suitland High School in Maryland, according to local media.


Other Twitter users are telling us a different story, however.

You’ll note her account if the incident uses the word “by,” not “at.”


It now appears that two students got in a fight off school property, where one shot the other in the leg while they were both off campus.

A Suitland High School student allegedly shot a fellow student in the leg after an argument Friday, a Prince George’s County police spokeswoman said.

The spokeswoman said the two students left the school, and one allegedly shot the other in the leg after an argument off school property.

The student who was shot returned to the school for help.


The wounded student fled to the school for help.

The shooter is on the run, and while the school is on lockdown, authorities have confirmed this is not an active shooter situation.

Rest assured, however that Shannon Watts and Everytown will add this to their largely falsified list of school shootings.

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