Driver With Concealed Carry Permit Shoots His Way Out Of Philly Robbery

A pizza delivery driver was lured into an ambush in Philadelphia (PA) Monday evening in which two gunmen demanded all the cash he was carrying, and the pizzas they’d ordered to an abandoned home.


When they opened fire on him, he pulled his lawfully concealed handgun and gave them lead instead.

A pizza deliveryman was shot during an attack in Southwest Philadelphia.

It happened around 7:05 p.m. Monday at 54th and Yocum streets.

Police say the 36-year-old man was delivering an order to what turned out to be a vacant home.

When the deliveryman arrived, he knocked on the door and two armed men emerged from an adjacent home.

Police say they shot the deliveryman man once in the left arm and once in the left side.

The victim dropped the pizzas and pulled out his own gun.

He fired a few shots, but it is not known if the suspects were struck.


A firearm is not a talisman that will magically make bad guys disappear… but it sure seems to be the next best thing in many instances.

In this all-too-common type of driver ambush, the criminals had the upper hand from the very beginning, and the pizza delivery driver did the right thing in attempting to put distance between himself and the bad guys. He was shot at while running and then drew his lawfully-concealed handgun and returned fire, sending the bad guys scurrying for cover.


Was this a successful defensive gun use, despite the fact that the delivery driver was shot twice and it doesn’t appear that either bad guy was hit? Gun control activists might make that argument… but they’ve never been unfairly accused of being “too smart,” either.

The point of having a gun for self-defense is the preservation of your life and the lives of those you choose to try to protect, whether they are family, friends, or strangers. In this instance the delivery driver used his gun to return fire in an unprovoked attack and force a pair of armed robbers to retreat.

This was clearly a successful defensive gun use, if not an ideal one where only the bad guys get hurt. The delivery driver used his gun and it saved his life.

Chalk up another life saved by a citizen exercising the natural human right to bear arms.

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