Armed Robber Gets Smoked Trying to Rob Texas BBQ Joint

Two armed robbers apparently targeted the senior citizen owner of J&S Bar-B-Que Saturday night, thinking that the man would be an easy target as he walked to his car after closing.


They figured wrong.

The 70-year-owner of a Houston barbecue joint shot and killed a man who tried to rob him over the weekend.

Police said the man had just closed up J&S Bar-B-Que in northeast Houston on Saturday night and was walking to his car, KTRK-TV reports.

The man, whom police did not identify, was carrying a gun because he’d been robbed before, he told police. So when two men jumped out from behind a dumpster in an attempt to rob him, he shot at them.

One of the men was hit twice, in the throat and chest. He was taken to a hospital, where he died.

The second suspect ran from the scene and it does not appear that he was hit in the robbery.

This appears to be a clearcut case of armed self-defense, and charges are not expected against the store owner.

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