Home Invader Fires Volley, Dies For... No Known Reason?

There’s our normal home invasion stories where the suspect or the home invader gets shot, and then there’s this one, where the struggle itself is just more than the bad guy can bear.

Saturday evening, Modesto Police Department responded to a residency on several calls of shots fired.

When they arrived at the scene in the 4100 Block of Alexandra Court, they learned a man allegedly forced his way into the residence with several people inside. The suspect then fired multiple rounds of shots, but no one was injured, say police.

A victim inside the home attempted to subdue the suspect and free him from the gun.

During the struggle, the suspect lost consciousness and died at the scene.

Many criminals are drug abusers in ill health looking to steal enough stuff to sell for a fix, and the circumstances suggest that this may have been the case in this particular incident. It could also mean that the homeowner sunk in a good chokehold and didn’t release it until the damage was permanent, but that’s not how the story is reported. It says he lost consciousness during the struggle, not after a UFC fan sunk in a rear naked choke. The guy was active, until he wasn’t.

We’re happy that the criminal was unable to make any hits with his fusillade, and that if anyone had to die, it was the bad guy.

We’d still suggest that the best medicine is to have a firearm of your own, and not to hope that you’ve got a bad guy with an apparently faulty ticker.