Trump DOJ To "Hit The Ground Running" On Obama-Era Cartel Gun Smuggling

Operation Fast and Furious, an Obama-era Department of Justice-led gun smuggling operation that supplied narco-terrorists in Mexico with thousands of American civilian small arms in an apparent attempt to build support for a new “assault weapon” ban in the United States, may finally get an honest investigation now that we have a new President in office and a new Attorney General that isn’t neck-deep in a cover-up.


During the Michigan presidential Republican primary in March of 2016, then-candidate Donald Trump promised both Kent Terry and Michelle Terry-Balogh, siblings of Brian Terry, if elected he would get the truth and answers regarding both Fast and Furious and the murder of Brian. He also gave his word to hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said during the committee’s Tuesday meeting that President Trump instructed him and the committee to pursue every government investigation they deem appropriate.

Chaffetz stated the conversation took place at the GOP 2017 retreat in Philadelphia.

According to Chaffetz President Trump told him: “Listen, I understand that I am the President. You have a job to do.You do oversight. Don’t slow down. You go after everything you want to go after. You look at everything you want to look at … don’t slow down, do your job, there’s a lot to get after with the government.”

The Wednesday before the Inauguration last month, both Kent Terry and Ron Willis (Kent’s brother-in-law and husband of Kelly Terry-Willis) were invited to D.C. to meet with Chaffetz and others.

They were afforded the opportunity to ask any questions about Fast and Furious.  After the meeting Ron stated:

“All went well. Looks like everyone is on board. As soon as the Attorney General [Senator Jeff Sessions] gets confirmed, they will ‘hit the ground running.’”


More than 400 people are believed to have been murdered with thousands of firearms smuggled over the border to Mexico’s Sinaloa drug cartel, including women, children, politicians, and law enforcement officers on both sides of the border.

The Obama Department of Justice steadfastly refused to turn over documentation to oversight committees, forcing Congress to hold then-Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress, the first Attorney General ever so charged for obstructing an investigation in American history.

Fast and Furious appears to be tied to the Obama Administration’s attempt to claim that 90-percent of the weapons used by Mexican narco-terrorists came because of “lax American guns,” as then-President Obama, Attorney General Holder, and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton campaigned to have Congress renew a push for an “assault weapon” ban. Curiously, the vast majority of the guns being provided to the Sinaloa cartel were precisely the firearms the Obama Administration wanted to ban, and the “90-percent lie” was categorically debunked.

Despite what the Obama Administration called “mistakes” in Operation Fast and Furious, no one was disciplined in the ATF or Department of Justice, much less terminated, and some involved were actually given lateral moves that amounted to promotions.


I personally suspect that the most incriminating documentation that would tie the gun smuggling operation to the Obama White House was either never written down or has been destroyed long ago, but an attempt by the Trump Administration to get a full accounting based on what may remain is a breath of fresh air after long years of stonewalling by Obama appointees.

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