Party Store Clerk Ends Attempted Robbery With A Bang

A pair of armed robbers tried to knock off the Little Brown Jug Party Store last night in Roseville (MI), but one of the store employees wasn’t in the mood to be robbed.


The incident took place about 9 p.m. at the Little Brown Jug Party Store on Gratiot Avenue, south of Interstate 696 when the two men, with their faces covered and wearing gloves and hooded jackets, walked into the store and approached the cash register.

”The suspect in the light hoodie jumped up and stood on the counter and pointed a revolver at one of the employees,” Roseville Deputy Chief Donald Glandon said in the release.

“Another employee discharged 1-2 rounds from his handgun,” Glandon said, adding one of the robbers may have been struck by the gunfire.

The robbers ran out of the store, but on their way out, the attacker wearing a light-colored hoodie dropped his weapon, Glandon said. It is not known if the second robber, who was in a dark-colored hoody, had a firearm.

Witnesses told police the two ran through the parking lot and headed in the direction of Wildwood, west of Gratiot. A K9 was called in to help search the area, but was unable to pick up a track.


As a general rule, violent criminals want to intimidate their victims into compliance and leave the scene with their spoils as quickly as possible. Robbers typically want profit, not a fight, and it’s not uncommon for them to decide that they need to be somewhere else.

This is yet another successful defensive gun use where there were no apparent injuries. Most defensive gun uses occur when the targeted victim merely displays a firearm to cause the aggressor to break off his attack. Many more end as this incident did, where one or two shots are fired and no one is hit. Incidents where citizens actually shoot and hit a violent offender make up some small percentage of the overall number number of defensive gun uses in this nation every day.

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