Suspect in Pikachu Onesie Tased After Attempting To Strangle Cop In Bar Fight

A drunk man wearing a Pikachu onesie (like my elementary school-aged daughter wears as pajamas) was kicked out of a bar in Arlington, Virginia and then began trying to fight the bouncers. Another drunk patron stepped in and started scrapping with the guy in the onesie, causing the police to be called.


Of course, once the cops arrived the two drunks united forces against the boys in blue, and things got violent and a little weird.

A wild fight outside Ballston’s A-Town Bar & Grill last night resulted in two suspects being tased by police, including one man who was brawling while wearing a Pikachu onesie.

The incident happened around 9 p.m. on the 1000 block of N. Randolph Street. According to police, it started when the man in the Pikachu costume, Steven Goodwine, Jr., tried to pick a fight with the bouncers at A-Town after being kicked out of the bar’s weekly “Sunday Funday” festivities.
Goodwine “became aggressive with the door staff and Mr. Reid attempted to intervene,” according to what may be the longest item ever on an Arlington County Police Department daily crime report (below).
Police arrived and tried to break up the fight between Goodwine and Reid, according to the crime report. The men allegedly stopped fighting with each other and started fighting with police. Both suspects were tased during the fracas and Goodwine tried to flee, but both were eventually taken into custody and no one was seriously injured, police say.


During Goodwine Jr.’s attempt to flee from police he managed to get one Arlington officer in a stranglehold, but the officer was able to break the hold and then tased the onsie-wearing suspect into compliance.

Reid was charged with assault and battery on police, obstruction of justice and drunk in public and is being held at the Arlington County Detention Facility with no bail.

Goodwine Jr. was charged with assault and battery on police, strangulation, disorderly conduct, obstruction of justice and drunk in public, and is being held without bail in a Poké Ball.

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