"Firearms Instructor" Totally Just Meant to Crank That Round Into The Ceiling.

Uses a loaded weapon in a demo on firing grips that shouldn’t involve any ammunition. Check.

Rolls loaded weapon in such away as to make student duck away in fear. Check.


Puts finger on trigger of loaded gun for absolutely no reason. Check.

Negligently discharges round into ceiling. Check.

Denies that the negligent discharge was a negligent discharge. Check.

* * *

I’m not sure who this clown is, but he’s lucky that he didn’t manage to emulate the negligent suicide double tap a woman completed in Missouri in 2013. She fired a .500 S&W magnum, couldn’t control the recoil, somehow managed to re-cock the gun as it recoiled, and as she gripped hard to try to control the gun that had recoiled back into her face, she fired a second round that turned her head into a canoe.


This “instructor” in this stance manages to stop the recoil of the .44 Magnum revolver just past vertical, and does not manage to re-cock the weapon or show the world the inside of his skull.


The sad reality of the matter is that there are no national standards for firearms instructors, and literally anyone and everyone can claim to be an instructor without having any real skill or knowledge. Sadly, this behavior seems to be part of a pattern at this range.

I’d suggest going somewhere else that’s a little more concerned with doing things the right way.

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