Man Shot and Killed In Brazen Mid-Day Home Invasion Attempt

A 34-year-old man is dead after residents of a home in Madisonville shot him as he allegedly attempted to force entry into their home.

Police went to 6615 Roe St. about 1 p.m. Saturday for a possible burglary-in-progress call. They said a resident in the house fired at least one shot, killing the suspected burglar.

First responders located the victim and transported him to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center where he was pronounced dead upon arrival. The victim has now been identified as Tyrone Frazier, 34.

The case is under investigation as a homicide. No charges have been filed.

A next-door neighbor said she heard a gunshot and looked out her window to see a man lying in the front yard.
“They started doing CPR on him and they did that all the way to the ambulance,” Marlene Smith said.

Police say Tyrone Frazier, 34, was killed after possibly attempting to break into the home.

Smith, who knows the couple next door, was shaken up.

“It was a little upsetting. I mean they’re very good neighbors. We’ve been neighbors for over 18 years so they’re very good neighbors,” Smith said.


Note that a “homicide” merely means that someone was killed by another person, and that does not imply that a crime was committed, only that a life was taken. If it was determined that Frazier was indeed attempting to force unlawful entry and that the residents fired in lawful self-defense, then the shooting will be ruled a justifiable homicide.

Based upon preliminary evidence, that is the likely case here.